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Mission Statement

The work of all at Francis Barber is focused upon:


Supporting to Achieve

Inspiring and supporting young people to achieve the best outcomes and engage with their futures by providing a second chance in education

Welcome to Francis Barber PRU

Francis Barber is the Wandsworth Secondary Pupil Referral Unit and is based across two sites – Tooting in SW17, and Westdean in SW18.  Alongside provision for disaffected young people and those for whom mainstream education proved difficult are the Pathways provision for pupils with complex special needs and the Freshstart provision for pupils with an EHCP.  The School aims to be a place where  pupils are supported to prepare for reintegration back into learning. We are passionate about all pupils fulfilling their potential and provide a fresh start for all within a caring, trauma informed and supportive environment.

J Addison, Headteacher

About Us

Francis Barber PRU work within the Wandsworth guidance on provision for children with SEN in schools which explains the ways pupils with different additional needs are provided for within the school.

The aim is to provide education to secondary-aged pupils who experience difficulties accessing schooling for several reasons or who are not able to maintain a placement at a mainstream school, including pupils with an EHCP.

This means that the young people may have:

  • Been unable to get a school place
  • Been permanently excluded
  • Refused to go to school
  • Put themselves at risk of exclusion
  • Been out of school for significant periods of time

Francis Barber is an inclusive school with a strong commitment to supporting the young people to achieve the best possible outcomes regardless of their special educational needs. All young people are offered a provision that is best suited to their particular needs and are offered inclusive teaching which will enable them to make the best possible progress in school and feel that they are a valued member of the wider school community.


Francis Barber is the Wandsworth Pupil Referral Unit and is a place where pupils can:

  • develop their educational and personal potential in a safe and supportive environment
  • make the best possible progress in their learning
  • identify and change, with help if necessary, aspects of their behaviour contributory to difficulties experienced in school
  • prepare for successful reintegration with school, or
  • work towards integration with further education, training and employment

To realise these aims, staff are committed to:

  • creating a safe, reflective, trauma informed and considerate community where pupils can learn peacefully and be happy
  • providing a personalised curriculum made relevant by the assessed and identified needs of each pupil
  • valuing the individual strengths which pupils and staff can equally contribute to the development of positive and co-operative relationships at the School.

Admission Arrangements

Francis Barber PRU is part of the Inclusion service. We do not accept direct applications from parents. Referrals are received only from:

  • Pupil Services
  • Education Welfare
  • Secondary Schools
  • Children Looked After Team
  • Special Needs Department

Requests for Paper Copies

Anyone who requires a paper copy of the information on this website, please contact us.

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