Fresh Start


Fresh Start is a programme for pupils in Years 10 and 11 who have an Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP). Many of these pupils may have had a negative experience of education and as a result, they may have low self-esteem. The pupils on this programme will have been identified as pupils who are able to work in a small group setting with a high level of experienced adult support. Some of these pupils may require some sessions of extra support on a 1:1 basis or be educated for a part of the time away from the main site.

Fresh Start is a provision named on the pupil’s EHCP and is a permanent placement. Pupils referred to Fresh Start include those who are permanently excluded from mainstream or special schools and pupils who have an EHCP and have moved into the area or do not have a school.

The Fresh Start programme caters for pupils who may have Behaviour, Social and Emotional Difficulties, Moderate Learning Difficulties or for those who in general find schooling a challenge.

Referrals come from Wandsworth Special Needs Assessment Section.

On occasions Francis Barber will identify a pupil who meets the above criteria who would benefit from being on the Fresh Start Programme. In this case Francis Barber will apply to Special Needs Assessment Section to have this pupil placed on Fresh Start.

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