Curriculum Intent Statement

Francis Barber’s curriculum intent is to provide young people with the skills and knowledge to become confident individuals who are able to lead safe, healthy and fulfilling lives and to prepare them for reintegration into an appropriate mainstream provision or to prepare them for GCSE level course and for moving onto a college or apprenticeship at 16.  We aspire for all our young people to become responsible citizens who make a positive contribution to society.

We provide a broad and balanced curriculum that is relevant to our learners’ needs and incorporates the requirements of the National Curriculum and relevant external accreditations. We offer a holistic and multi-agency approach to pastoral care by providing a keyworker who is responsible for each individual student’s welfare and pastoral care. SEN and trauma informed practices are embedded throughout the school.

At Key Stage 3, the aim is to prepare students for successful reintegration to mainstream education. In addition to the core Maths, English and Science curriculum, there is also a focus on developing students’ skills in Numeracy and Literacy. We currently have an engagement curriculum which includes a range of subjects including Creative Curriculum, Performing Arts and Media, PSHE, PE and targeted projects, such as the SEEd Project (a gardening project) and Music Therapy and Sports offered by external providers.

In Year 11, learners can study up to 8 GCSE or equivalent qualifications and they are offered a range of vocational pathways so they are ready to meet the entry requirements for colleges, sixth forms, apprenticeships or employment. With the support of other agencies, we provide extensive careers support, through The Prince’s Trust and mentoring to ensure Year 11 students are not NEET (Not in Employment, Education or Training) after finishing Year 11.

Through the implementation of our core, foundation and enrichment curriculums we enable our young people to become successful learners, and develop better understanding of themselves, their goals and the communities they live in

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