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Peter Jones Enterprise Scheme

Having accompanied a group of our KS3 and KS4 pupils, it was interesting to watch their gradual immurement in the project.  The presentation was well thought out, immediately explaining the purpose […]

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Y11 Burberry Trip

Prior to half-term, year 11 students from Westdean and Tooting went to visit to Burberry HQ. All displayed mature behaviour, engaged with all of the tasks and were a real joy to work with. […]

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Mental Health Foundation

On Tuesday 6th February Westdean pupils cooked a curry for staff and pupils for Curry & Chaat. It was to promote teamwork, acts of kindness and just having a chat. […]

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Halfords Employability Day

Four students from Westdean (including two from Pathways) attended an employability day at Halfords in Redhill. During the day they practised changing tyres as well as having the opportunity to work on […]

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War Child Project

Last Term K1 examined and identified in their English lesson young people who are not only heavily affected by War yet also are kidnapped, allured and forced to be War […]

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The October Gallery Workshop

The October Gallery Workshop based on the work of Romuald Hazoumé took place on 23rd November 2016. Learners from K1 and K4 were accompanied by Tracey, Sherlee, Kiros and Victoria and […]

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