The ART drawing curriculum at Francis Barber covers the following areas:
• Drawing
• Painting
• Printing
• Artist research

In Years 7, 8 and 9 we encourage students to:
• Develop the confidence to use different materials in art
• Look in detail at different artists and their art work
• Learn to use different drawing techniques to improve their skills
• Produce large painting
• Learn to be creative and persistent in your work
• The curriculum covers a lot of basic skills needed in art

In Years 10 and 11 students work towards both the GCSE Art qualifications and AQA certificates for certain pieces of completed work
There are requirements for Art GCSE:
• Art and Design ; Course work portfolio – 3-4 sketchbooks and 8 large completed art pieces
• Art and Design – examination preparation work and exam piece

How can parents support learning at home?

• Be positive about Art, regardless of your own experience or feelings towards the subject.
• Support your child with completing the Independent learning booklet (homework) for each term
• Visit the various Art galleries in London and look at famous artwork
• Encourage independent work using the links provided below

The National Gallery

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