The Maths curriculum at Francis Barber covers the following areas: 

  • Number and algebra 
  • Shape, space and measure 
  • Data handling 
  • Using and applying mathematics, from the above three areas, to a range of problems

In Years 7, 8 and 9 we encourage students to:

  • Develop the confidence to use maths in situations where it is required at work and in everyday life 
  • Find solving mathematical problems enjoyable 
  • Develop an ability to think and reason mathematically 
  • The curriculum covers a lot of basic skills needed in everyday life and supports the work that you do in other subjects. 

In Years 10 and 11 students work towards both the GCSE award and Functional Skills qualifications.  

There are three papers:

  • Mathematics 1: Foundation & Higher Papers Non-Calculator  
  • Mathematics 2: Foundation & Higher Papers Calculator
  • Mathematics 3: Foundation & Higher Papers Calculator  

How can parents support learning at home? 

  • Be positive about mathematics, regardless of your own experience or feelings towards the subject.
  • Ask your child to help with mental arithmetic calculations (estimating/calculating the shopping bill or change, splitting a restaurant bill, calculating sale/percentage items, checking the coverage of paint on walls or carpet on floors etc.)
  • Show them what a bank statement looks like, credit card bill, utility/mobile phone/TV bill etc
  • Visit the various museums of London and look at statistics
  • Encourage independent work using the links provided below

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