The Pathways Team is a separate provision of Francis Barber. Pathways work exclusively with young people who have an EHCP. These young people require intensive individual support with programmes designed around their individual needs. Opportunities are provided for young people to progress both academically and socially with positive encouragement from the Pathways Team.

What we do

The Pathways programme provides short term provision for these pupils whilst the local authority seek an appropriate permanent placement. Referrals to the Pathways programme include pupils with an EHCP who have moved into the area or who do not have a school place. These referrals come from Wandsworth Special Needs Assessment Section (SNAS).

Our aims

Pathways provision is an environment where pupils access education appropriate to their individual needs. The Pathways Team deliver programmes to support the development of academic and social skills of young people with a view to preparing them to remain in participation  in education until the age of 18.

Interview and assessment

Referrals are made to the Pathways Team from SNAS. After a referral has been made, parents/carers and the young person are invited to an interview. This is an opportunity for information sharing.

We may consult with other professionals who know the young person such as Child and Adult Mental Health Service (CAMHS), social services or previous school at this point. Following the interview, the student is assessed so that they can be offered the most appropriate timetable within the Pathways Programme.

We may consult with multi-agency services whom have, or had, involvement with the young person. Following the interview, the young person is assessed and an appropriate programme put in place with the agreement of the parent/carer.

Progress review

Regular monitoring and review of progress ensures the best possible provision to meet the needs of individuals. Programmes of study and the delivery of social skills components are constantly adapted to meet the changing needs of the individual young people. Keyworking, academic and social skills reviews together with information sharing with multi agency services ensures that the Pathways Team continuously updates it programme to meet the young person’s needs. Keyworking meetings are held weekly with academic progress reviews taking place half-termly.


On the Pathways Programme we work closely together with parents and carers.

In order to help students on the Pathways Programme achieve their full potential we ask parents to contact us with any concerns they may have about their child as well as actively encouraging and supporting their child to attend regularly and punctually. We encourage parents to attend all relevant meetings and to provide support in helping their child achieve any learning or behavioural targets which may be set. Together our aim is to achieve the best possible outcome for our Pathways pupils.

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