We aim to cater for pupils’ individual needs and provide a programme which is designed specifically for each individual according to the type of difficulties that they are experiencing. Students are encouraged to pursue areas of the curriculum in which they show interest or potential. For example, if a student likes gardening or catering of mechanics or music then we endeavour to facilitate their involvement in these areas. These types of activities may take place on site or at other educational establishments. Much work is carried out with pupils to help them to prepare for their future after Francis Barber. Career advice is available and staff provide assistance in filling out college applications.

Many of our Fresh Start pupils leave Francis Barber with improved self esteem, having benefited from a positive educational experience during their time with us. Some students will continue with their education at colleges, whilst others go into employment. Fresh Start pupils finish at Francis Barber with a celebration day with their parents/carers and staff. This is an occasion in which all their achievements are recognised.

Fresh Start aims to be a place where pupils can:

  • Have access to education which is appropriate to their needs
  • Develop their social skills and life skills
  • Be taught in a safe and nurturing environment
  • Work with experienced and skilled teachers and learning mentors
  • Prepare for college, employment or training

Interview and assessment

After a pupil has been referred, parents/carers and students are invited to an interview. This is an opportunity for information to be shared and for questions to be answered.

Following the interview, the student is assessed so that they can be offered the most appropriate timetable within the Fresh Start Programme.

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