CAMHS based at Francis Barber PRU

The CAMHS service at Francis Barber PRU currently includes one Counselling Psychologist, employed by the NHS.

This service is available to all young people who are being supported by Francis Barber PRU, as well as their families and professionals working with the young person. The CAMHS worker works with these different groups of people to help them find the best possible way to manage their difficulties, develop skills and build on strengths so that they can manage problems better in the future.

Each young person and each family is different and may be trying to tackle a wide range of problems. The sorts of things that often trouble young people include:

worries and fears

feeling unhappy or distressed

problems with eating or sleeping

difficulty managing their anger

problems with relationships

The support provided by the CAMHS team at Francis Barber PRU includes:

Consultation, counselling intervention and psychological support for pupils and their families known to the service.

Attendance at Team Around the Child meetings

Report writing following assessments and support

In school training

In school advice

Managing emotions groups

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