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Ofsted March 2023:

“Pupils are happy to attend this school and appreciate the work of all the staff team. It is a caring school, where staff make sure all are valued and respected. All staff have high ambitions and want all pupils to achieve.”

“Pupils receive help to understand their emotions. Pupils are taught how to regulate their behaviour for themselves. This ensures that pupils’ behaviour is mostly calm and orderly in and outside of lessons. They respect staff, their peers and are tolerant of differences.”

“Leaders ensure that pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) receive the support they need to access learning. Leaders identify the needs of pupils with SEND quickly and work effectively with multi-agency partners to ensure that pupils are prepared for adulthood.”


“Leaders work successfully to improve pupils’ behaviour. They provide effective support for staff in supporting pupils to behave well. Leaders have ensured that all staff are trained to tailor approaches to pupils’ specific needs. Staff are quick to resolve any behaviour incidents, and they work with pupils to manage their emotions. Typically, pupils’ learning proceeds without disruption.

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