All behaviour at Francis Barber is aimed at achieving our Mission Statement. This is:

Francis Barber aims to be a place where pupils can

  • develop their educational and personal potential in a safe and supportive environment
  • make good progress in their learning
  • identify and change, with help if necessary, aspects of their behaviour contributory to difficulties experienced in school
  • prepare for successful reintegration with school, or
  • work towards integration with further education, training and employment.

To realise these aims, staff at Francis Barber are committed to

  • creating a reflective and considerate community where pupils can learn peacefully and be happy
  • providing a curriculum made relevant by the assessed and identified needs of each pupil
  • valuing the individual strengths which pupils and staff can equally contribute to the development of positive and co-operative relationships at the school.

Everything we do at Francis Barber affects the way our pupils behave for ‘behaviour’ is not an isolated phenomenon; it occurs in contexts and interactively with self and others. Whilst achieving good behaviour is the collective responsibility of all staff in relationship with pupils; the Headteacher holds prime responsibility for ensuring good conduct. In doing so, the Head is supported by the Leadership Team.

Our Ethos

We are aiming to create a healthy environment.

The desired effect of our ethos is to achieve the following:

  1. maximising the contribution of all staff to improve the quality of education provided and standards achieved by pupils
  2. ensuring that constructive relationships are formed between staff and pupils

When individual needs of students and staff are met, episodes of challenging behaviour are kept to a minimum.

When there is a clear framework of expectation and general routines are well defined and respected by staff and students, there is usually a positive ethos.

Behaviour Policy [November 2023]

Trauma Informed Practice at FBP Staff Induction

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